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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

I don't think Alicia meant that much to him either. I'm not saying he cared about her or anything lol.

But I don't buy that he just killed her because he took a fancy to Vicki. If he did then she'd be dead the moment he decided to get himself a new girl. She was a work of art to him. In fact he compared her to himself by saying "Now like me she's a living work of art". Unless he has a habit of destroying things he thinks are great art, which he doesn't since he told Bob to spare that creepy looking painting he liked in the museum, there's no reason not to take him at his word that Alicia killed herself. Which lets face it is more plausible given to what he did to her face.

As for killing Bob, he took his frustration out on Bob because according to him none of his men told him that Batman was capable of stealing his balloons like that. So he punished his right hand man. We knew his reasoning for it. We're not given any reason to believe he killed Alicia.

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