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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
I know what it was about. It was just executed poorly. Why would they not blow eachother up?
If you watch the movie it's painfully obvious. The convicts were beaten to it because one of them tossed it out the window. The regular citizens didn't want that kind of slaughter on their conscience. Sure they were all shouting for someone else to press the button, but when push came to shove nobody in good conscience could do it.


Is it some thinly veiled reference to the War on Terror? That people are willing to participate in mass murder to save themselves because of fear of what the 'terrorists' might do?
It's not a thinly veiled reference to anything. It is what it is. They didn't blow each other up because nobility prevailed. A noble convict got rid of the detonator and none of the citizens could bring themselves to blow up all of those people.

But it wasn't about turning these people 'mad' and 'like him' IE: a psychotic killer. It was about driving people from fear to go along with mass murder (hence the not too subtle reference to the Iraq war, etc).
Did you watch this movie with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears? Joker's point was that when push came to shove they'll be just like him. "Their morals, their's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be".

Not hard to miss these things when you pay attention. But you somehow seemed to have been watching an entirely different movie based on your skewed perceptions of the plot.

I suppose I can agree on Two-Face, since he did get half his face burnt off (although bizarrely he doesn't seem to care at all about this in the movie)
"Do you think I want to escape from this? There is no escape from this"

and his fiance gets killed. But we see little signs of the madness that is supposed to already have been brewing in him, only when he was threatening Joker's henchman, but that wasn't enough for me to see him go totally vigilante and even willing to kill little kids. But it was all just because he was trying to avenge Rachel, not really because he had become like the Joker.
Lets see, Dent kidnaps and terrorizes a Joker accomplice with a gun simply because Rachel's life was threatened. That alone tells you that this guy would go to extremes just because someone he cares about was simply threatened.

Add to that he's handed over to Joker's men by the COPS, gets half his face burned off, and Rachel is murdered. There's people who have lost their sanity and gone over the edge for far less than that.

I just found all this a little too convenient for the plot.
That's funny coming from the guy who thinks the Batman movie where Batman and the Joker conveniently created each other is the best one.

We get little of Two-Face's backstory in The Dark Knight. Only that he's fighting corruption, has a nickname "Harvey Two-Face" (and we never find out why) and is engaged with Rachel Dawes.
He got his coin from his father, he has a history of investigating bent Cops on Gordon's force while he was in Internal Affairs. How much more back story into Harvey Dent did you want? That's more than they gave Bruce Wayne or Jack Napier in Batman '89.

His Two-Face was more of a vigilante, seeking to make things right, than an outright criminal or madman like the Joker.
You mean Two Face seeking retribution against people who he thinks wronged him? Now where have I seen that before?

Let me guess, you'd have been more enthralled watching Dent pull off some corny robbery of the 2nd Bank of Gotham of 2 million dollars at 2am or something like that right?

It's not illustrated as well as in The Killing Joke.
It's illustrated better because the Joker succeeds on someone in this case.

Where he tries to drive Gordon mad but fails. In The Dark Knight, he succeeds with Harvey (driving him to madness or criminality), so does that mean that the Joker is right or wrong? This is never addressed in the movie.
It proves he was right. That's why Batman takes the blame for Dent's crimes. "The Joker cannot win".

Again obvious and you missed it.

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