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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

The second sequel curse doesn't refer to hype. However the fact is the second sequel curse embraces it, nurture's it, only to be betrayed by it.
ie see all the hype for the seconds sequels of this genre in the past.

As for Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce...ya I just looked up their recent works. If Whedon didn't deliver in the way that it did(thank goodness favreau didn't get that one), and this film was simply coming off of that "much loved" IM2, than an odd looking villain paid by the villain from other failed tent pole endeavors probably wouldn't be as big a sell. If I'm not mistaken, the last most people saw of old Ben was that Persia movie and other failed films before that. Guy Pearce's last big appearances were that Lock out, that Prometheus, Lawless, all fall short in terms of what's needed here imo.

Unlike say TDKR(not a fan btw) which had a supporting cast of "new to the genre scene hot actors".

I don't think the "GA" loved IM2 as much as they loved "IM1" unlike say Spidey/Bat's/Xmen...etc But I could be mistaken.

I'm sure it will make some money, but I think the hype is misleading at the moment. And Marvel is loving it, those guys are obsessed with hype.

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