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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Psycho Pass
(entire series)

A masterpiece. The philosophical pondering of morality and the price of progression in order to achieve justice to deliver "peace" have never quite been as eloquently displayed as they have in this here series.

Even without a second season the message of Psycho Pass was a very poignant one. What's the price of justice and what do we have to sacrifice (Akane staying subservient yet morally reluctant towards the Sibyl System and Kogami becoming the immovable object to Makishimas unstoppable force).

Beautiful, introspective and most of all powerful.

As for the ending:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I didn't take it as Kogami replacing Mikishima. Kogami while understanding the actions of Mikishima completely detested his abhorrent ways. The restart showed how differently Akane was handling her job as Inspector in comparison to Ginzo who made the differentiation between the enforcers in a way that dehumanized them. Akane opted out for that and makes it very clear that they are in fact human but go about finding criminals in a "different" way.

As for Kogami I firmly believe he didn't turn into a Makishima type. The whole point of the series was that Kogami found Makishima's actions completely abhorrent and a desperate act for attention. While Kogami understood him better than anyone else it's that very reason that brought so much disgust towards him. It was a classic instance of "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?". In this case though Kogami was able to trivialize this entire concept by tearing Makishima down and destroying him. This irresistible force paradox that Makishima was so confident about was turned upside down by Kogami's determined will to erase Makishima from existence.

The book he's reading at the end "Swann's Way" deals with a whole bunch of themes and apparently one of those is that time is a constant which would go perfectly with Akane's quote about Kogami and Makishima's fate being determined from the very beginning.

As for their being a second season I would guess that all depends on how well the DVD/Blu Ray ends up selling in Japan and overseas (mainly Japan). I'm perfectly fine with this ending but I certainly wouldn't mind a sequel as long as it's written by Urobuchi.

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