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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Well, I doubt RDJ and Gwyneth (especially) are going to make many more IM movies. Once the arch-nemesis (Mandarin) is out of the way, there is little point to more Iron Man movies other than being thinly-veiled Avengers puffers (and wasn't IM2 already enough embarrassment over this type of stuff?). Pepper's arc is pretty much complete after IM3. OK, she could always return to being the CEO of Stark Industries (and probably will), but other than that, there's very little or even nothing for Pepper/Gwyneth to do after IM3.

The suit concern is somewhat overblown anyway. I mean, Rhodey wasn't and possibly isn't going to get involved w/ the Avengers even though he already had a suit and was able to use it. Even if Pepper retains the suit, you can use similar scriptwriting handwaves as with Rhodey, not a problem.

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