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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Emgr55 View Post
The new Arkham City Nightwing is out now if anyome is still collecting these.
This one looks much better than the last one,only bad thing is he doaint have all the joints like the chest and rotating upper torso ect.
I just bought that Nightwing yesterday. Didn't buy any others from that wave: Bats, Talia, Deadshot.
I really wish the Young Justice series wasn't canceled. I'd love a 6" Nightwing from that line.

Originally Posted by ManInTheNarrows View Post
Let's liven this board up again!

Few pics below of some Gems i picked up at my local comic shop here in Litchfield Park, AZ today while out and about.

Glad i found the 89' Keaton Bats Hot Toys as it's no longer available to order via Regular online price as well along with some steller TDKR Busts and a brand spanking new Graphic Novel by the amazing duo of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo!

My Hot Toys collection continues to grow. Just waiting on my DX Joker and Bane to ship now!

A lucky day indeed it was!
I love the Hot Toys 1989 Keaton Batman. I put him next to my 1:18 scale HW Batmobile.

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