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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

Originally Posted by InternetPeople View Post
I hope Redford is an inactive agent that had run-ins with Winter Soldier throughout his active career. Redford can be the bridge that informs the Winter Soldier character between WW2 and present day
Or, he could just be in G.W. Bridge. Even if Bridge is black in the comics.

Anyho, it sounds like Redford replaces Fury as head of SHIELD during the movie:

"According to THR, Sources say that Redford will be playing an older member of secret government agency SHIELD, and one source has compared the role as similar to the one played by Ralph Fiennes as M’s replacement in last year’s James Bond movie Skyfall."

And yes, Redford is a huge "get." And landing him is likely to generate a LOT of buzz in Hollywood and attract even more names to the film. Remember when they landed Hopkins for Thor? It attracted big names like Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard and Idris Elba who were eager to work with Hopkins and/or Branagh; thespians who otherwise would've simply turned up their noses at "popcorn" fare like CBMs.

I'd be willing to bet that there's a bunch of major actors/actresses who will suddenly be banging on Marvel's door for a chance to work with Redford, now that he's come out of retirement for this.

And why *would* he come out of retirement for this? It does speak well of the script and the cast and crew if it attracted the attention of such a hallowed Olympian coming down from on high to mingle with mere mortals. I suspect that politics has a lot to do with it, since Redford is a noted political activist. If this self-described "political thriller" demonizes conservative politics in America, there's a damn good chance that's what Redford is interested in.


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