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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - First Full Teaser Online March 27th

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
Oh great, a video of people describing a trailer? No thanks. I much rather would've preferred a written description. Anyone up to the task?
Like this?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
A Japanese woman approaches a disheveled Wolverine wearing a hood.

Woman: "Wolverine, nice to finally meet you."
Wolverine: "I don't go by that name anymore."
Woman: "There's someone I want you to meet."

The woman and Wolverine enter a plane (not sure if they meant plane or plain though) to see an older man.

FLASHBACK showing the man when he was younger, fighting. A large explosion occurs as Wolverine covers the man from it.

Old Man: "I want to repay my debt."

Wolverine fighting on a train.

Wolverine fighting a ninja with two swords. The ninja slices Wolverine's arm but it starts to heal before Wolverine shreds her.

Old Man: "You want to pay back some vendettas?"
Wolverine: "You can't take away what's happened to me."
Old Man: "Never say never."

(Can't remember how he described it at the moment and I can't watch the video) The trailer ends with Wolverine unable to heal anymore.

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