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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by ericadawn16 View Post
I just think it gets boring when a villain is always the villain. It's more interesting when they have more depth, like Magneto joining with Charles if it suits his interests as well but also trying to turn the situation into his advantage.

*fingers crossed that Tim Hiddleston wins at one or both of the KCAs tomorrow*
a villain can have depth while still staying true to their routes. Loki is the trickster, he is a villain. He may have different roles, and objectives, but at the end of the day, he's still a villain. I am not sure what you are wanting from him, cause you haven't said specifically, but if it is for Loki to become a good guy and be forgiven, then that's flat out not going to happen.
Loki, in any form of the marvel universe, is a classic villain, one marvel's greatest. He really is,

as I've said before, he's the character that got me onto the whole "a story is only as good as it's villain" opinion, and made me enjoy villains more than heroes, generally. Loki may work with some of the good guys, but it's for his own needs, and his own desires and reasonings, he's up to something.. it's part of what has made Loki a great villain over the years.They can certainly add a different take to it, to make him more relatable, and to sync up better with the MCU, while staying true to the roots, which is what they are doing, but what that does is give some new fans a desire to see something in a character that is COMPLETELY out of character. However, they don't know this, or understand how drastic of a change it would be, in my opinion, doing that to freakin Loki is unacceptable and would destroy the character, and I am sure it would piss off a lot of comic book fans as well, but at the end of the day, he is Loki. And to have them change him in anyway in the MCU where he DOESN'T fit the term Villain would just flat out be wrong,(again, he can still be deep and relatable, and still be a "villain")

I assume you haven't read much thor comics, but Loki has been around since the 60s He's thor's biggest villain, in a way, and changing that into making him an ally really would be wrong. If you can, I would suggest reading so you can really learn more about the characters, I would suggest reading walter simonson's run on thor.

If you are interested in reading it, send me a PM, I may be able to give you a hand in getting your hands on it

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