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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post

I wouldn't be surprised if she won her 2nd Oscars next year .

And if that happens, she might get the 2nd billing from Jennifer Lawrence!
Well I wouldn't be angry if there is any female character (currently alive) in this series that actually deserves a good amount of screentime it's Storm not Mystique. Mystique is supposed to be a secretive assassin who switches allegiances when it suits her, the less we know about her the better otherwise it loses the 'mystery' surrounding her.

Storm on the other hand is a diva, she is a confident woman who fears nothing and no one. She can kick your butt by just staring at you and she looks sexy whilst doing it. The kind of leading lady we all want to see. Of course if Jean was in this then she too has an equal right to the top spot but certainly not Mystique.

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez!
I saw it. Halle was....surprisingly good. And I mean it. She was amazing in Cloud Atlas but because she's also inconsistently awful I just expected The Call to be weak s***. But she actually surprised me...two well-acted performances in a row.

Could it be she's actually hungry for this thing called acting again? :
I haven't seen The Call but I'm hearing good things about it and I'm happy she seems to be getting her stride back with each performance, hopefully that carries onto DOFP. In the article she said she wants to give a more faithful portrayal of Storm, but she's working with the same director she previously said 'didn't understand Storm' and Halle isn't a yes woman from what I've seen so far so I take that as Bryan finally heeding the complaints of many fans and Berry's own complaints and is finally allowing Storm to resemble from appearance to personality to power our favorite Weather Witch from the comics.

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