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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Hence the realistic nature of it. I wonder how you'd feel with the decision in your hands of blowing up hundreds of people.

Several people made a go for it. The ship crew guy was all like "Stay back". Then they voted on it. Then they were all yelling for the button to be pushed. Then nobody could go through with it.

It's not survival instinct. Jigsaw never put hundreds of lives into someone's hands.
We'll have to agree to disagree. Just because a guy says "stay back", I don't think would keep people at bay if they were about to get blown up. These movies are not based in realism. They are no more realistic than Schumacher's.

Come back to me when you have valid mature arguments to offer on this one.
My point was the characterisation of Rachel Dawes made that scene much less powerful than it could have been.

But apparently you do. Happened to you has it? It would be the standard response according to you to do what Harvey did lol. You hear that kind of thing happening all the time don't you lol.
Well it has happened in a lot of movies and tv shows. Because the plot of wife/girlfriend in danger from bad guys has been done countless times.

No, in the comic Two Face uses the coin because he believes in chance. It's nothing to do with the split personality side not being able to agree or decide. He thinks it's all 50/50.

No, it's not convenient because Joker deliberately set out to break Dent. It wasn't a coincidence, or a convenience like in Batman '89 where the guy who killed Bruce's parents 20 years ago would conveniently become the Joker.
You're really reaching here. Yeah, Batman '89 did not write it as well. It's still the same thing about changing things around that aren't in the comic. What difference does it make if it's Joker instead of Joe Chill that kills Bruce's parents? Same if Joker is responsible for creating Two-Face instead of Maroni. Same difference.
Every villain in Batman's rogues gallery are vigilantes then by your logic then since they've all gotten revenge on someone for wronging them at one time or another lol.
I wouldn't say that, since Two-Face is unique in that he has a perverted sense of justice.

"Your men. Your plan"

Joker did it to him. Are you going to argue semantics of him using the circus freaks to drag Gordon around and strip him and hold him down on the carnival train, too, in TKJ instead of doing it himself?

What do you mean that's all he did? It was his plan. Everything that happened to Dent was by Joker's scheme. Do you hold Osama Bin Laden any less accountable for 9/11 just because he didn't personally fly those planes into the Twin Towers? Or Hitler any less accountable because he didn't personally murder every Jew in WW2?

Honestly of all the weak arguments.
No, no, no.... The mob was going after Dent because he was trying to put them behind bars. I thought this was well established, because they even try and kill Dent in the beginning (the court room scene).

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