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Default Re: 11.3 - Haunted - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by The Caped Knight View Post
Not surprised, it's the only way and plus once you reveal Jay's existence, it just stand to reason that Barry Allen would become the classic Scarlet Speedster with Wally as Kid Flash before becoming the second Flash.

Bart's end was inevitable and let's not forget the cover art gave it away as well
So I was right. But we have one chapter left so let's see if we'll see Bart's funeral or a revelation of Bart being alive. At least Bart died a heroic death. It felt like a mix of Barry's death in Crisis of Infinite Earths, Wally's near disappearance into the Speed Force in Justice League Unlimited and "Chained Lighting" saga and the speedsters pushing Superboy Prime into the Speed Force in Infinite Crisis combined. In short it's one more addition to the "Bart Allen is Smallville Barry Allen" pile..

Hope BQM have one more hopeful twist in the end.

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