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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

I think your fanboy-ness is showing.
I only like one Snyder film; I think Goyer is pretty close to being a hack. i have no inclination to being predisposed to liking this film.

It's a good trailer but most finely constructed ever? Hmm, not seeing it.
Yes, I think so. The Avengers 2nd trailer and the December TDK trailer trump it in terms of pure fanboy glee, but that's more to do with the footage in the trailer than how it was crafted. In terms of top to bottom construction, it's an incredible trailer. I would only put David Fincher's Social Network trailer and Dragon Tattoo teaser ahead of it in recent trailer history.

Considering they started filming nearly a whole 2 years before that trailer came out(pretty much unheard of these days) I'd be suprised if it came out anything other than good.
I think it hardly matters how they got there; the fact is, they did. They made a great trailer. If having a far bigger head start gave them an advantage, then so be it.

maybe your fanboyness is getting a little bit ahead of you.
Maybe yours is ahead of mine. Because jumping to ad hominem because you don't like someone's opinion is one of the tenets of fanboyism.

the mos trailer wasn't that good, it was just there to hold the already building hype.
Say what? There was little hype before the trailer. The trailer kick started the hype.

the voice overs were good but they barely showed any good footage.
Say what? The entire clip was packed to the end with some of the most beautiful and evocative imagery in Superhero cinema. Just because they didn't show action doesn't mean they showed nothing.

The shot of the school bus falling in the water.

The beautifully lit array of pencils.

Martha stepping out of her house to an Alien spaceship that looks something out of a Spielberg film.

Supes in cuffs being escorted by the Airforce.

A troupe of tanks and grunts aiming directly at Lois and Clark. The framing and lighting of this shot is incredible.

Every light collateral being lifted off the city by an anti gravity device.

The picturseque shot of Superman striding across the arctic, followed by the majestic, fetishistic shot of his regal cape, the snow and debris around him lifting as he takes flight and crosses the sound barrier.

The shot of mama El watching Krypton being destroyed.

Most comic book films would be lucky to have two shots as good as those in their trailers. This film has it in spades. Now excuse me while I laugh at your claim of barely showing anything.

The second trailer would mostly likely blow everyones mind.
That is probably will.

TBH the new IM3 trailer wasn't that amazing either.
I thought it was great.

My excitement for the trailer barely increased but then again it is already at its peaks. The first IM3 trailer was actually really good since it brought a little dark tone and some neat footage.
I'm surprised you liked a trailer that showed "barely any footage:.

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