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Default Re: The "I want a KOTOR/Old Republic era/Revan movie" thread

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
No, he didn't.
He said something along the lines of it a few years ago, maybe it was about robin and the extension was made to the justice league.

Besides Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan are hugely overrated, especially Nolan it's annoying how people think he's the second coming because he's king of deep unnecessary monologues, hans zimmer scores, shots that look blue and cold, and beards. There are so many other actors and directors out there besides the people that gave us one good franchise, it deeply bothers me the lengths people go to in order to put them on a pedestal and idolize them as cinematographic perfection.

Imo Jonathan Nolan should be much more attributed to the success of his brother.

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