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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I watched The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 this week and for some reason it made me think this would have drastically made Batman and Bane's final fight even more enjoyable.

Actual scene:

BANE: So you came back to die with your city?
BATMAN: No, I came back to stop you.

I like Bane's line, but Batman's felt weak. Yes, he later gets the "Then, you have my permission to die" epic reprise quote, but there needed to be something more before he and Bane square off. Something that let's the audience stand up and cheer (metaphorically) for the Batman at the start of his final battle. Something that let's you smile at his badassery in the way people did during, say, his assault on the Joker at the end of TDK when ignoring Gordon. So...

Revised Scene:

BANE: So, you came back to die with your city? You are the fool to the end.

Instantly cut into the brawl with epic Zimmer music. The line is still cheesy, like the original, but just cool enough that it would have escalated the tension greatly there.

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