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Default Re: Killer Croc as the Villain

Originally Posted by BatmanGoesToRio View Post
I would like to see Killer Croc in his original appearance or like Bermejo did him in his Joker novel. Not the Lizzard type freak he became nowadays. Not sure if the could work as a main villain but as a side-kick or muscle - why not?
I agree with this. I never much cared for the portrayal of Croc as a literal crocodile man. I much prefer the idea of an absurdly muscular man with a nasty skin condition. Either way, I wouldn't want him to be a main villain, but rather a henchman for one of the crime leaders of Gotham. My ideal Batman reboot movie would be about the crime wars between Black Mask and Penguin, with Killer Croc being the muscle of one of them.

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