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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post

Say what? The entire clip was packed to the end with some of the most beautiful and evocative imagery in Superhero cinema. Just because they didn't show action doesn't mean they showed nothing.

The shot of the school bus falling in the water.

The beautifully lit array of pencils.

Martha stepping out of her house to an Alien spaceship that looks something out of a Spielberg film.

Supes in cuffs being escorted by the Airforce.

A troupe of tanks and grunts aiming directly at Lois and Clark. The framing and lighting of this shot is incredible.

Every light collateral being lifted off the city by an anti gravity device.

The picturseque shot of Superman striding across the arctic, followed by the majestic, fetishistic shot of his regal cape, the snow and debris around him lifting as he takes flight and crosses the sound barrier.

The shot of mama El watching Krypton being destroyed.

Most comic book films would be lucky to have two shots as good as those in their trailers. This film has it in spades. Now excuse me while I laugh at your claim of barely showing anything.

Wow, lol. I agree, to an extent. There are some beautiful shots in there.

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