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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Not in my opinion. TDKR, like TDK, deserved more.
You were supposed to respond with, "but TDKR didn't win and wasn't nominated for any oscars", to which my reply would be, "Exactly".

Even though I don't care about the Oscars, especially with how political and non-nonsensical they are, I think Ledger deserved it for the Joker. It was nice to see whether they gave it to him because he died or not. He was literally the best thing about the film, for me anyway. Best thing about film all of that year. So, it was good to see. I think it's visual effects and cinematography were very good too.

All the other categories? Perhaps, but it doesn't really matter. I was entertained.

TDKR? I don't see anything in there, save for visual effects or cinematography (which Pfister won elsewhere anyway) that it "DESERVED" anything. Not if you consider the Oscars to be "prestigious" like some people seem to. What did it achieve that prior Batman films hadn't? Or how about as far Nolan's films go? Or filmmaking in general? Going bigger and louder and expanding with bloat in every area? Most sequels do that, not all of them really succeed. The only thing TDKR surpassed of Begins and TDK were the fight scenes, but I don't think there's a nomination for that with the Oscars, maybe the MTV movie awards.

Screenplay? Definitely not. The others are far superior.

Hathaway? I think Catwoman is great, I love seeing her on screen, best part of TDKR by far, but I'm not sure it constitutes as "OMG OSCAR WORTHY" (whatever that means to people). She played Catwoman and Selina Kyle, and did it well, not much more. Les Mis was always going to be "that movie". Other than us Batman/Comic nerds/movie buffs/Anne Fane who does Catwoman resonate with?

As for OutRiddled's remarks, I can't say I agree with him 100%. There seems to be a lot of phony stuff in there, some of it is spot on though. I'd say Miranda Tate/Talia is razzie worthy, and not just because of the death. I'd say the same thing about Bane too. They're ordinary, cliched villains bent on city destruction.

And Bale? We've seen him do much better (and in other Batman films), I'm sure even Bale would attest to that. I don't agree with Outriddled completely, I felt Bale's Bruce Wayne was at least compelling and well acted in TDKR, even if it wasn't a direction I agreed with. But his Batman? Or, Bale in Batman suit? No, that's not very good. Certainly not for awards or high praise or whatever people constitute as an accomplishments for a movie. He's in an uncomfortable suit rubber suit and looks and sounds like he's in an uncomfortable rubber suit. That's pretty much all there is to it.

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