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Default Re: 11.3 - Haunted - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by dru-zod2501 View Post
I can't even rate this one. I feel like this chapter was just a teaser for next week. Even Bart's "death" didn't resonate with me because the reader is not privy to the same knowledge about Black Flash that Bart has. He went in with a plan, and I doubt it was "blow myself up" I bet he's alive and well somewhere. The real payoff can't get here soon enough next week
That's true. And BQM was acting real secretive trying to get people not to tweet the events of #39 and #40 so I'm going to keep a little hope. Maybe they'll do an Infinite Crisis like move with
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Bart vanishing into the Speed Force and popping out in Tokyo, Central City or Keystone City or something with amnesia(or regain his memory and remembers his life in Central City as Barry Allen) and then becomes the second Flash and a rookie police scientist/rookie CSI until Clark and the JL find him or he chooses to rejoin the League/. Or based on three speedsters that showed and Bart loosing his memory he realizes he is Barry Allen's grandson and came from the future and something happens that lead Barry Allen become Flash(something I kind of don't want).)
I hope I'm right about this like I'm right about what happen in chapter 39.

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