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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

I finally watched Dredd, got it off Love Film. Have to say I struggled to get into this at first, took me about twenty minutes to really get hooked in. I think the lower budget really showed in that first twenty mins but it didn't matter for the rest of the film seen as though it was in that one building. I also didn't like how they overdid the effects if the slo-mo drug it just wasn't necessary to show its effects so many times. Admittedly I wasn't overly keen on Ma Ma as a villain but i have a feeling it was due to the budget (real shane this film didn't do well enough for a sequel).

But those negatives aside I loved this film, I found myself really hooked by Judge Anderson, knowing this was Dredd showing a rookie the ropes was something I wasn't overly keen on before I watched it. But I was completely wrong it worked and was engaging. The violence in this film was really over the top but in a good way, sone if the FX work was outstanding. I didn't see this film in 3D but I actually think it might benefit from it. Lastly I just wanted to say how awesome Karl Urban was in this. I loved his performance, he was totally bad@ss! I really am gutted this didn't make enough money for a sequel, a bigger budget for a sequel and a bigger threat with Karl Urban back as Dredd would have been awesome.

Overall 8/10

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