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Default Re: First Class ACTORS Thread [new proyects, interviews, quotes...]

New Entertainment Weekly Interview with Bryan Singer, regarding Jennifer Lawrence:

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn cast her to play a younger version of Mystique, the blue-skinned mutant played by Rebecca Romijn in the original films, for his 2011 preboot. Her supporting character took a backseat to mutant frenemies played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, but the actress made an immediate impression on First Class producer Bryan Singer, who’s directing the sequel, Days of Future Past.

“There was a sequence they were doing with James and Mike, and I noticed that she had no trouble speaking her mind, in a fun way,” laughs Singer. “She and Matthew sort of had a back and forth about what was working and what wasn’t, and it just sort of struck me that of all the actors standing on the platform, she was among the youngest and yet she was able to be the most vocal.”

Last April, Fox pushed back its start date for Days of Future Past, sidestepping a scheduling conflict with Catching Fire, which filmed last fall and just wrapped reshoots. Days of Future Past finally gets underway April 14 in Montreal, and Lawrence’s character is expected to play a larger role in the sequel, though Singer says that was always the plan and nothing has been changed plotwise to showcase her presence.

“You have to be careful not to suddenly lean the movie all towards her just for her rise in popularity,” Singer says. “It has to work for the character. She’d be the first person to argue that. It’s an ensemble movie. It’s definitely not suddenly her movie, but she factors in it significantly. She’s going to be more bad-ass in this movie, which will be nice. A lot more bad-ass than Hunger Games. Which will be fun to see, because she’s very feisty, as you may have noticed in Silver Linings.”

“In an industry where people are so worried about everything and put such importance on the process it takes to get ready for the Academy Awards — like what was your process to put on a dress and take a shower? — she understands the lack of importance of that,” says Singer, who got to know Lawrence better in England during the filming of Jack the Giant Slayer, which stars Lawrence’s now ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. “She doesn’t care what people think about her, what she looks like, her weight, her attitude, her anything. She just doesn’t.”
Singer knows how to get attention.

"She’s going to be more bad-ass in this movie, which will be nice. A lot more bad-ass than Hunger Games."
There's your pull-quote!

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