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Default Re: X-Men's Man of Steel - The Daniel Cudmore/Colossus Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
There was talk they didn't do much with Colossus In Last Stand because they thought Daniel was limited as an actor.I have only seen him In X-Men films so I wouldn't know If
other work proves that right.My suspecion Is he's In this film since bryan wanted him back and to take part In action sequenzes against the sentinles.
The writers of X3 just didn't know what to do with some of the characters that already appeared in the previous movies. Alan Cumming is a talented actor but they weren't able to give his character an important role in the movie so they just didn't include him in the movie. And there is no harm for giving Daniel Cudmore 3 to 10 more (simple) lines in the movie even if he isn't a very good actor.

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