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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I think the film leaves the possibility of his comic origin completely open (him serving out the sentence of his father). Obviously it never confirms anything of the sort, but it's left open to interpretation. That's how I like to interpret it. That way, he sees Talia who is also born in the pit and cherishes her innocence because he sees himself in her and relates to her circumstances.

Then if we're to believe him, then he was also a man when Ra's and the League came to him and by that time, surely a guy that has the desire to save and protect an innocent little girl has his own formed his own idealologies about how the world works. Not one in which you destroy a city that inhabits innocent children (if you and Anno really think Bane gives a damn). If anything, it'd make more sense for Bane to be excommunicated because he doesn't BELIEVE in Ra's Al Ghul's cause.

And it's nothing like the comics either. Bane in the comics was sentenced for his father's crimes, built himself up, BY HIMSELF, and escaped the pits and prison BY HIMSELF. Bane isn't even a full fledged villain in the comics and has been an ally of Batman's in a few stories. Comic Bane also, most certainly cares about innocence and children. Comic book Bane, while involved briefly with Ra's and Talia, would NEVER commit the atrocities that Ra's would because they're TWO completely different characters.

No doubt he sees himself in Talia, you got that right but all these other claims like seeing things in those lines? I dunno.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Bane will do anything to do "what's necessary". He even calls himself "necessary evil". So yes, he's willing to harm children, and indeed intends to slaughter millions of them. That doesn't mean he takes any pleasure in that side of his duty.
And, what did I originally state in my initial posts before this ludicrous argument about "Bane feelings" came into the discussion?

We never, ever see him at conflicts with what he's doing or his decisions. Would you agree that that is purely personal conjecture and not something, we the audience is supposed to feel or something Nolan intends? We don't even get even the slightest hint that he may be at odds with himself or feel anything for what he's doing. For all we know, Bane may get satisfaction out of it. We don't know. What we do know is that he loves Talia, and pretty much Talia only. Everything that I stated about him is in that post. In fact, we even see him, atop of the Tumbler, spreading lies, "GOTHAM IS YAAAWWSSSS" while his eyes and brows are expressing anything but an interest in the cities well being.

There are no subtleties about how he feels or anything like that, just exposition and a twist. For all we know as an audience, Bane may have no opinion of the matter and is doing this for Talia and to simply, "FULFULL RAZ AL GHOOOLZ DESTINY!" We don't know. All we know is that they were excommunicated, Bane wasn't well liked by Ra's. If anything, we should be doubting why the hell Talia and Bane aren't thanking Batman. It's just so illogical and crazy. What they're doing, their whole plan, it's nonsense.

I'm telling you guys, think what you want, you're entitled to it, but there's NOTHING to suggest that "lovely, lovely voice" and "for the sake of your children, Pavel" means that Bane cares about children or innocence. JUST Talia, which has been my entire point for the last page of this thread.

And if he somehow does, his reasoning makes absolutely no sense once so ever other than simply, "Talia and Bane were raised in a hole in the ground and are bat**** crazy". And if that's the case, the two of them are anything BUT compelling or deep or good characterizations.

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