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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I hate this kind of attitude.

"You guys can have your opinion, but you still shouldn't think this way".

Well, this entire thing originated out of,

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
but I have to ask...did you not relate, or at least feel saddened for Bane when he finally becomes "human" to the viewer of how he protected a young Talia and that's why he views the innocence of children("What a lovely, lovely voice.", "For the sake of your children....")?

And I simply stated my reasoning and moved on.

I'm not touched or saddened by the two of them. They're psychopaths, just as Batman put it.

It would actually be nice if I could sympathize with the characters, or Bane atleast, but it's impossible. It should have been easy, because you could play with the idea of these two children being sentenced to hell for crimes they didn't commit, but it's never really about that. It's about typical, cliched, revenge. They're the typical villains that were short changed and acting out. I think we've ALL seen that enough times.

Let's look at Bane. He was born (if he's even telling the truth and the big twist reveal doesn't change that) in prison and was released as a man (for all we know, he could be as old as Ra's). We don't know why. All we know is that he protected a child from the other prisoners.

Let's look at Talia. She was put in prison because of her father's crimes (essentially Bane's comic origin, give or take). Her mother is killed, possibly raped. Bane protects her, most likely seeing a bit of himself in her. He helps her escape and is beaten to a pulp.

She escapes, somehow finds Ra's (who I guess never knew of the location of the pit his pregnant wife was sent to, despite being in an organization that can somehow burn London to the ground), tells him to go back to the pit and "exact terrible vengeance".

Ra's and the League go back, kill prisoners left and right, and bring Bane out. Bane and Talia spend their time training with Ra's and the League.

Then one day, Ra's excommunicates Bane because he saw a monster in Bane, was too extreme (if Alfred is right), and loooooooooved Talia. It rubbed Ra's the wrong way, and he threw Bane out. Talia went with him. This is PURE conjecture on my part, because it's no where stated or implied in the film. But it wouldn't surprise me if Talia saw more of a father figure in Bane (lets face it, he was Talia's guardian for years) than Ra's and it made Ra's lose it.

So, Talia hates her father, can't bring herself to forgive him. Obviously doesn't agree with his decision in exiling Bane. Let's also remember, TALIA SERVED HER TIME IN HELL FOR RA'S AL GHUL'S SUPPOSED CRIME.

And Bane? Bane protected Ra's Al Ghul's daughter and the gratitude he's met with is a door to the face and being told to get out.

It makes sense that Talia and Bane would resent Ra's Al Ghul. But then what happens? Batman comes along and "kills Ra's" to protect innocent people (obviously Talia doesn't agree with him there). That makes Talia and Bane come out of the woodwork? Out of no where? Alright.

So then, they plan for years to take down Batman, destroy Bruce in every possible way, send him to a prison to watch them mess with the city for 5 long months (giving their enemies, like Batman, Gordon, and the police plenty of chances to foil their plot), publicly and out in the open (something Ra's never did), just for revenge? Because they didn't get a chance to forgive Ra's? They were going to forgive him? If they really wanted to destroy Bruce's hope, why not blow the city as soon as Bruce was in prison? Imagine the pain and anguish Bruce would go through, having lost the city he loves and the despair he'd go through? They'd fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny, but also have Bruce rot for the rest of his days with the fact that he failed to protect his city.

But no, instead they mess around for 5 long months. Pretend that they're their for the plight of the city. Pretend they're liberators. To give the city a false hope. To send, POLICE OFFICERS, food and supplies!

What is hope going to matter when Gotham's citizens aren't even matter after being completely obliterated by a nuclear device? The world will have seen what happened to Gotham and most importantly, so would Bruce, who couldn't do anything to protect it.

It makes absolutely no sense. Atleast with Ra's, he wanted to make the city pull itself apart through fear. To not just make a statement, but to start a new with Gotham destroyed. Talia and Bane? They just mess around for months until Batman, the cops, essentially anyone that can foil their plot, recuperates and counters them in opposition. All while one pretends to be someone they're not (even going as far as being in a court with other business people) and the other attending said trials and looking for special ops guys to sit on.

Please tell me how these two are good, compelling villains? PLEASE. I need to see this maturity and respect for the characters and how they're better than previous incarnations.

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