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Default Re: The Princess Diana/Wonder Woman Thread

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
she just looks too young she may be 27 but compare her to gemma who is also 27 one looks like a mature woman the other looks like she can still play teen type roles as seen by texas chainsaw and upcoming percy jackson sequel she would be fine for a smallville type cw show but not a movie

see I said exactly this before, and then a certain moron who shall not be named blew up at me and then I got in trouble for it

Anyway, Gemma is still my top pick for a "movie", thanks to that awesome manip Emily Blunt is mixed with second and tied with Gemma lol

I do hope that CW picks Daddario for their Wonder Woman "TV SHOW" since she was rumored to be Diana in season 10 of Smallville and yea, for something small like that she'd be perfect (10 years of Tom Welling, why the hell not have Daddario lol)

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