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Default Re: What is DOFP setting the groundwork for?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
No one is really complaining about James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender. But I don't think this series would really thrive with them as the lead stars. I can't imagine a X-Men film outgrossing X2/X3, w/o the OT cast.
Yeah, I don't think Mcavoy and Fassbender are part of that problem though. They are just as marketable when they play as those characters imo. Mostly its due to the other characters in that film. The X-Men are too weak compared to the OT. Any X-Men movie without marketable X-Men is a tough sell. If FC had a line up of Cyc, Logan, Jean, Storm, Rogue and Gambit. It would have outgrossed X2 and possibly X3.

Excluding Jackman, The characters are more important then the cast when it comes to box office imo. Cast the right actor, and no one will care about the switch for more then one movie if that.

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