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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread

Superman: The Animated Series suffers from middle-child syndrome a little bit.

It's not as iconic or fresh as Batman: TAS. It wasn't as controversial in terms of concepts and designs as The New Batman Adventures. It wasn't a complete re-invention of the mythos like the fun Batman Beyond. Or even the epic Justice League that everyone came to love.

However, if you really go back and watch the whole show through (As I recently did)... you realise just how damn good it was. For the most part.

Amazing TMS animation, a perfect voice cast, effective design work and some stunning music. Not to mention their treatment of Brainiac and Superman's epic battles with Darseid.

It's a shame it's not as fondly remembered. It contains some of Timm and Company's best work. It's actually my favourite interpretation of Superman's world.

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