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Default Re: X-Men's Man of Steel - The Daniel Cudmore/Colossus Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
There was talk they didn't do much with Colossus In Last Stand because they thought Daniel was limited as an actor.I have only seen him In X-Men films so I wouldn't know If
other work proves that right.My suspecion Is he's In this film since bryan wanted him back and to take part In action sequenzes against the sentinles.
What a BS reason.

I think it was Tarantino who once said that you can make a great actor out of your 90 old granny if you make her feel comfortable as an actor. In other words, if you, ahem, do your job as a director.

Cudmore is not a bad actor or anything, he's not that experienced as other cast members, but his role doesn't need to be one that requires unlimited acting capabilities. Like others said it wouldn't hurt if he had a little more dialogue and SOME character development. That kind of "playing it safe" filmmaking resulted in a mediocre flick.

I really hope Cudmore gets a more substantial role in DOFP - having something more important to do than just throw Wolverine around.

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