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Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
I'm just saying that because the last time I said there will be no news for a whole week the Total Film cover popped up in an hour or so afterwards. So I'm trying my luck again. But I do believe it's entirely possible they will wait until May. They be crazy enough and besides, I have little reason to have faith that April will be some big marketing boom.
Ah. I see. I guess they could wait until May, but I seriously doubt it. Although IM3 does premiere on April 25 here in Greece (and I'm sure other countries) and if they released the new trailer that week, it would still be April, so...

I still haven't seen the MoS trailer with a movie yet. A friend saw it with The Hobbit, but my showing didn't have it. They did show it when my brother went to see Die Hard, but I couldn't go that day because I was working

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