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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 4

At the time the trilogy was made they didn't want to place a specific time on events besides the world war II scene In X-Men.Now with first Class establishing Xavier and
magneto In mid 20's In 1962 It's very likely the trilogy will be retconned as having taken place In mid 1990's.Bryan has said he worked backwords rom the ages of Patrick Stewart
and Ian Mckellen In devolping first Class story.They were In early 60's thus a mid 1990's timeframe Is very likely.

The future In Days of Future past Is most likely an alternate 2000's and by end of film If they go Into the time travel changing thing so Bryan can correct things from Last Stand route we see a world more like the real 2000's If mutants exsisted.If Cyclops,Jean,and Apocalypse show up the end Is probally when that would happen.They need time travel to happen before they deport from Origins/Last Stand.

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