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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Gillen is the one that wrote Consequences adn had Danger and Magneto breaking the law by freeing Scott, not Bendis. Bendis' work with what remains of the former Extinction team is an extension of Gillen's work and picks up right where he left the characters. I dont think Magneto's current status can be blamed on Bendis as thats what he picked up. You'll have to fill me in if Danger and Magneto made any appearances in between AvX 12 and Consequences bc I dont recall them being hunted in that gap
You're forgetting that these kinds of things don't just come from one single writer, and the next writer just has to pick up the pieces these days. Marvel always has their "summits", to which the various events fall out of. AvX came from one as well, which Bendis and all the other writers of it attended, to which they started forming the ideas of what would happen and the fallout, which are always planned out far ahead of time so the "writers picking up the pieces" thing doesn't just happen like that anymore. They knew at one point that Bendis would be writing the X-Men, and he'd probably laid out who he wanted to write and how, and that included Magneto being on Scott's "villain" team. So it was more than likely mandated that Gillen had to pass it down on to Consequences somehow, and voila, we're stuck with the flimsy plot of Magneto being affected by the PF though he was never possessed by it like the others.

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