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Default Cast a Next Gen reboot

Who would you cast in a team set in the alternate time line (of the 2009/2013 films)? Pretend the hypothetical reboot is in the not too distant future. So keep in mind I am referring to the following actors 10 years from now (approx. 2023).

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

James Mcavoy. If you haven't thought of this already you aren't a real nerd. He did just great as Prof. X and I think he could do the same for this role. He commands a silent respect just like we need him to. Shave that head!

Commander William Riker

Shia Lebeouf. I imagine I'll catch some flak for this one. But I think he is a great actor despite getting stuck in the facepalm quicksand that is Michael Bay's grasp. He's got a lot of energy humor and the right facial hair.

Lieutenant Commander Data

Jim Parsons. Once again, another great actor stuck in a role he's too good for. I loved him in Big Bang Theory, but I think he deserves a lot more. He'll be 50 in 10 years, but Brent Spiner was older than the main cast of TNG too. Too much makeup to be a problem.

Lieutenant Worf

Isaiah Mustafa. I doubt many will argue this one. We all want to see the Old Spice mascot do something fun. He's got the shape and the face for Worf. I say give him a shot.

Counselor Deanna Troi

Felicity Jones. She is beautiful and a talented actress who looks far younger than her years. I think she will have the right amount of intelligence and motherly instinct for the role. Will she have good chemistry with Shia?

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Jaden Smith. He's a teenager now, but 10 years from now he'll be a top actor I'm sure. It'd be interesting to see him in an almost purely intellectual role. Especially after After Earth later this year.

Commander Beverly Crusher, M.D.

Christina Hendricks. Just accept it. Haha. Well, besides the obvious, she's got experience in science fiction. She's perfect.

Naomie Harris

James Franco

Miles O'Brien
Seth Rogen

Wesley Crusher
Pierce Gagnon or Ty Simpkins

Tasha Yar
Emma Watson or Jena Malone

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