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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Personally, I think Walker's original Batman theme that replaced Elfman's in the BTAS opening and was featured prominently in Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman theme to date. It is so simple, yet so expressive - both tragic and heroic. It is Batman for me.
I absolutely love that theme. Although I DO love Danny Elfman's Batman theme though. I think they have always been neck and neck for me, but I have really been leaning towards Shirley's as of late.

Question: Anyone here familiar with John Powell's work? Didn't he work with Zimmer? Some of his stuff sounds Zimmer-esque, IMO. I caught some of How to Train Your Dragon the other day and heard his score, it is pretty good stuff. Anyway, if the MOS score sounds anything similar to that as far as epicness goes, I will be thrilled. It's got some Zimmer to it, IMO (<<< and I think I may have just coined a new term lol - good thing this isn't Food Network haha).

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