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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

I like Hugh. Don't love him in the role, but I like him and am grateful for his casting. His leading man looks and stature have given the character (and film genre) tons of general audience appeal that it wouldn't have gotten with a shorter, stockier, slightly less attractive guy.

But we're in a different era now, where they can actually shy away from stereotypical/cookie cutter casting choices in terms of physicality.

I sincerely hope when Jackman is done Fox does the proper thing and reinvents the character closer to his comic book counterpart. If they just try to get someone to mimic Jackman's look/portrayal it will fall flat. They can absolutely go with a gruffer, darker, more sarcastic characterization now. Hell, use him like Hulk. Small doses that steal the movie(s).

That being said, my vote is still with Christian Kane. The guy is short, stocky, has a good voice and generally looks like a mean scrapper.

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