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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Ipodman View Post
All the X-Men films are in continuity to me
Same here.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
This. I see them all of them in 1 timeline, there are some continuity errors but hey it started with X2 Beast so I'm used it now.
Agreed. There have been worse continuity errors in much tighter film franchises than the small contradictions in the X-Men films.

Originally Posted by markaudette View Post
I don't see a problem incorporating all the movies into continuity. BUT, I really wish they could erase that goodamn adamantium bullet thing out of existence. It was lame and it was stupid. The scenario I've always had in my head, concerning the movie timeline, is that Xavier himself was the one who erased Logan's memory afyer something really, really, REALLY bad happened.
I too hated the adamantium bullet. The alternate memory wipe that's on the DVD is infinitely better than what's in the actual movie, and actually makes the adamantium bullet not as horrible.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
The upcoming X-Men movies don't even have to reference this movie at all. The events in the movie already happened in the past, they already showed bits of Wolverine's past in X1/X2 so its not really necessary to look back at the "Origins" of Wolverine. We now know how he got the adamantium, how he lost his memories, they just need to move forward.
Exactly. Not all movies in a series have to reference each other.

Originally Posted by night0205 View Post
I don't know why people are trying to say that Origins: Wolverine isn't part of the series cannon. It's an X-men film that explains Wovlerine's origin. Whether you like it or not, how is it not canon? Because of Emma Frost? Well, I don't remember them even calling that little girl Emma Frost in the Origins movie. And she was the sister of Silverfox? Wouldn't her last name be silverfox if she was her sister? I think they will just say it was a different character to begin with. She doesn't even have all of Emma Frost's powers anyways. There are continuity errors in most of the x-men movies, singling out Wolverine because you don't like it, can be your personal opinion, but can't count for anything as far as the series canon goes.
This. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is plenty continuity. There are some minor continuity errors to be certain, but nothing that would negate it from the series.

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
The major issues lie with this: We see a walking older Charles Xavier, which would be impossible, given that since FC is supposed to definitely be cannon, Charles was injured as a much younger man.
I mean that's one contradiction yes, but that doesn't mean a movie isn't continuity.

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post

when casual viewers see him with bone claws in the wolverine, whether its a flashback, nightmare or whatever it will still be seen as a call back to origins, maybe not by alot of fans who say its not connected but clearly Fox and co ain't trying hard to make people forget origins

unless they are going to contradict origins in some way it will be seen as call back probably
And they shouldn't try at all to make people forget Origins.

Originally Posted by night0205 View Post
Ya, we see that in X3 aswell. We also see many contradictions between First Class and X1 and X2... so continuity being poor is not an excuse to completely ignore a movie from a franchise. If that were the case then none of the movies would have gone together... except maybe X-men 1-3... and I'm sure X3 has some contradictions.
All of the movies have some contradictions with each other, but they all have much stronger connections to each other than contradictions.

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
They are doing all they can to distance themselves from Origins.

1:They are still talking about about doing Deadpool according to Mark Millar that will Ignore deadpool In Origins.

Possibly recon out-Ryan Reynolds Is only called Wade In film.So they may pull the Emma recon of that not really being Deadpool.That assums deadpool Is made

2:Teenage Cyclops Is In film.That causes trouble for future first Class sequels to Introduce Cyclops

3:Walking Xavier comes out of plane

Possibly recon out-The Bluray explantation of Xavier using mental projection of himself to escapes from Stryker's prison Including teenage Cyclops can work here.

Wolverine using Bone claws Is from comics.Allthough that was recon done to allow Wolverine to still have claws when Magneto riped out his adamanturm.

And seeling all 5 X-Men films In Bluray package doesn't prove anything.They are selling the first James Bond films In package with rebooted films.Noone on these boards besides me think that Is stupid since reboot means all films didn't happen.So If they can do that Fox can sell all X-Men films together even If they are kinda Ignoring Oriigns.
There was no Bond "reboot". It was a re-casting of the character, which has been happening since the inception of the franchise.

Originally Posted by night0205 View Post
Distancing themselves from something is completely different then cutting a movie from a franchise. Again contradictions are throughout all movies, to say that Origins: Wolverine is not apart of the franchise because of that is ridiculous. First Class made more contradictions then anything else, and people don't mind because it was a better film, but now the sequel is directly connecting the new and old actors so this tells me that ALL the x-men movies are canon and apart of the series.
Yup, the connections all the movies share with each other are far stronger than any of the contradictions.

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
It really only made major contradictions with X3 and Origins. And I think there was a reason for that.
And it made some very strong connections to X-Men 3 as well...

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