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Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
Foreign aid is peanuts. And arguably quite useful on the international playing field.

Out of control defense spending is the elephant in the room. No pun intended. America spends more on defense than the next top ten countries combined, which includes China and Russia, the rest are allies.

Just imagine if America spent a quarter of that on education. Now that would scare China.
The problem with defense cuts is the first thing they seem to do is cut supplies and benefits for the troops. The marines have already said that current soldiers will have supplies but due to the sequester cuts anyone who joins after this will have to make do and they can't guarantee all equipment and armor will be available. That is unacceptable imo. Even more so when you factor in congress's ridiculous pay and benefits.

Defense cuts shouldn't endanger our troops which is what always seems to happen. Buddy of mine had to purchase his own armor because the military said it wasn't their problem! I'd like to see these congressmen go into battle with no armor. See how long they last before they **** their pants.

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