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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
Her Flash tv show music was definitely great man. Sometimes she'd hit leitmotifs similar to it on Batman TAS and ones similar to what would eventually be Batman TAS on The Flash tv show. I remember the Superman: TAS episode in which The Flash appears the beginning part to one of her Flash intros from the tv show is played. She was truly a great, I have never heard anything of hers I didn't love.
Oh yeah. I remember geeking out over that moment when that "Speed Demons" episode first aired. That theme was a secondary theme she used for the Flash on the live action TV show. It was cool to hear her re-use it for the animated version of the character on a Superman show at that. I'm glad La La Land Records released music for the 90s Flash TV show 3 years ago. If you don't own it pick it up I thinks it's still available.
I wish they released more music from it. Hopefully the S:TAS music will get released soon as well.

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Walker scored/orchestrated the music for The Flash; but Elfman wrote the theme.
Trust me you're telling this to somebody who knew this since the show first aired. Not to mention who happens to be an Elfman and Walker fan.

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
I absolutely love that theme. Although I DO love Danny Elfman's Batman theme though. I think they have always been neck and neck for me, but I have really been leaning towards Shirley's as of late.
I agree. It's hard to pick between the two, imo. Elfman set the tone but Walker expanded on it and perfected it. So it's tough, but they both did Batman justice musically, imo.

Question: Anyone here familiar with John Powell's work? Didn't he work with Zimmer? Some of his stuff sounds Zimmer-esque, IMO. I caught some of How to Train Your Dragon the other day and heard his score, it is pretty good stuff. Anyway, if the MOS score sounds anything similar to that as far as epicness goes, I will be thrilled. It's got some Zimmer to it, IMO (<<< and I think I may have just coined a new term lol - good thing this isn't Food Network haha).
I liked Powell's X3 and Hancock scores. I wouldn't mind if he'd scored MOS instead of Zimmer either, but it's too late for that now.

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