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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

Originally Posted by braincrusher View Post
Had high hopes, my brother picked it up so i threw it in. Went into it blind, didn't realize no horde mode. I play gears for horde mode. That's it. I looked for it, didn't see it and got anxious. I then played some other mode called survivor or something. It sucked, only one gun everyone jammed into one area, etc. Horde was so fun in 3, build defenses and whatnot. Why take this out? Game is a total fail, very disappointed. Campaign may be fun but i was too sad to even look. Threw 3 back in
Man i feel ya. NO excuse for removing a CLASSIC game mode like Horde. I mean hell Gears 1 introduced that mode which started a huge fad within the industry. More examples of PCF not knowing a damn thing about what they are doing and just trying to alter s**t for the sake of it.

Yeah i saw some of those aspects when my brother was playing campaign but i just felt so put off by not having horde available that it left a sour taste in my mouth. Like i said i thought 3 introduced some cool things to horde and it was a shame it was sort of discarded.
Agreed again. I really wanted to pick this up, to at least try it, but PCF's meddling has just put me off. I may purchase the game used at some point(as i do really want to experience the campaign), or rent it, but for now, im deff not buying new. I mean the Horde mode and MP are HUUUGE reasons why i play Gears and i just cant dig the changes or complete omissions.

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