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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

I don't think you'd like it Pat. The one weapon loadout means nearly everyone spawns with a shotgun (which I don't personally mind) and rifles are kind of useless. The funny thing is I hardly get ever get killed by a shotgun, it's always a melee or power weapon (of which there are way too many). I don't think I get so angry playing any other game.

As big a Gears fan as I am the multiplayer on this is only as appealing as a Call of Duty to me as it is now (play for a month & then move on). And even if they make the required changes, I'm getting sick of every Gears game's multiplayer having fundamental problems at launch that would have been obvious to anyone who plays the game. Hire some staff who understand basic multiplayer gaming. I won't be around 6 title updates later for them to get it right.

Do have to say though that the Campaign looks like it will be really good from what little I've played of it. Also I'm (unexpectedly) beginning to enjoy Overrun & Survival grows on you a bit after a while. Although I'd prefer the freedom of a Horde 3.0 with every enemy & final boss character from all 4 games thrown in. The 10 waves isn't a problem but the class based restriction makes Survival too different. Would have been fine if they'd included both modes but PCF like to give with one hand and take back with the othe.... err both hands.

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