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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Isearch4dope View Post
I'll just say that the problem with this movie for me was in it's very conception and let down further by it's execution. The only reason Bane even turned a blind eye to Gotham was because of Talia...this source of innocence. How the hell can something be interesting if the main villain (In my mind Talia doesn't count and Bane should have been the only villain with his own ideals) is simply doing the same thing someone attempted in the first movie even if it is his own way and then we find out he is only doing it because the real villain wants revenge. After all the waves the Joker made why on earth would we want to go back to a simple and basic challenge for our hero being sparked by cliche revenge. Bane and Talia stood for nothing of their own which ultimately disappointed the crap out of me. They didn't ask any new questions or pump any new life into the series because of this Raz dependency. Come on...this is the finale and you need to go out with a bang. Bane was the perfect villain to make this series finish on a superb note and the opportunity was squandered. Sometimes I wonder if they even needed a clear cut villain. I just feel so unfulfilled with this movie that it's crazy. Catwoman, the Bat and Talia changed the entire tone of the series and ultimately ruined it for me also. That 8 year gap was a bad decision and could have worked if Bruce had one thunderous and monumental comeback (with him being the last hope) instead of 2 so so cameos.
You make some good points. However, Ra's wanted a reset and believed what he did was for the good of Gotham. Bane and Talia on the other hand, wanted to destroy the city.

I agree the eight year gap was a bad decision. In fact, I didn't like that Batman became the "villan" and had to go into hiding. And other than the cops chasing Batman during TDKR, it really didn't feel like Batman was unwanted. Also, it wasn't mentioned that Batman was wanted for murder.

Instead, I would've liked the people of Gotham to find out that Harvey went nuts and all the work he did in putting away the mob was all for naught.

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