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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
You make some good points. However, Ra's wanted a reset and believed what he did was for the good of Gotham. Bane and Talia on the other hand, wanted to destroy the city.

I agree the eight year gap was a bad decision. In fact, I didn't like that Batman became the "villan" and had to go into hiding. And other than the cops chasing Batman during TDKR, it really didn't feel like Batman was unwanted. Also, it wasn't mentioned that Batman was wanted for murder.

Instead, I would've liked the people of Gotham to find out that Harvey went nuts and all the work he did in putting away the mob was all for naught.
Mayor Garcia mentions that Batman murdered Dent in cold blood at the very beginning, during the "Harvey Dent Day" memorial. So one would assume that he was still a big deal and wanted for murder. Especially when Batman shows up out of nowhere and Foley had off duty and beat/patrol cops all coming in to bring down the SOB who murdered Harvey Dent.

The 8 year gap, more so the exile of Batman was bold. Could it have been handled a little better? Sure. I would have loved for some mentioning of Bruce continuing his crusade up until the Dent Act came into play. But seeing Bruce Wayne lost without Batman, after having the clean energy project fail, sold the point home well enough.

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