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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

The thing about the campaign is, I find it has a much weaker story and it's missing all the great, incidental dialogue from the previous games. So many parts where you're just trekking from point A to point B and there's no story or character development to fill the gaps so it feels a little hollow from a narrative perspective.

That said, the gameplay scenarios are great. The map designs, objectives, enemies, weapons etc feel great and a lot more refined that the usual Gears courtyard with symmetrical cover fare. There's a bit that's like storming the beach on D-Day, a great bit in a dust filled room when you're fighting only Cleaver wielding Therons... It just feels fun.

With that regard, I'd be happy with PCF taking the Gears reigns from now on as long as they respect a few design choices. Like 343 Industries or Ninja Theory or anyone else who takes over a franchise, it's fine to innovate and push the envelope but you can't completely forget where a franchise had come from.

Epic had worked SO hard leading up to Gears of War 3 to make it the strongest and most enjoyable multiplayer possible. They undid the MP from 1 and 2 and succeeded in gaming a MP that rivalled the big MP games of this generation.

Then PCF completely disregarded and ignored that for this game. Now, I don't think they can be entirely blamed, I think Epic should still take that responsibility. Either they didn't care, they were distracted with Cliffy B, Rod Fergusson and Mike Capps leaving or they simply wanted to give PCF the freedom and chance to do it their way for a non-number Gears title. Whatever the case is, I sure as hell hope they not only LEARN from this but come back with full force for Gears 4 on the next gen.

I still have some small hope that the Judgement MP can be improved with post launch content and patches but the simple fact is, they shouldn't have to.

EDIT: That said, Judgement has definitely given me a Gears fix so if anyone wants to play through Gears 3 again, I'd be game for it.

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