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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
I still don't get why Superman needs an armoured suit at all.

However, I do love how it materialises. It reeks of nano-tech, and it stands to reason that as humans are already on the fringes of developing nano-technology, and Kryptonians are meant to be significantly more advanced than us, then they would have mastered it and incorporated it into various parts of their life.

I hope they take the same approach in the MOS movie - it's certainly more believable and scientifically plausible to me than Clark having the cape and boots somehow tucked under his clothing without ever being noticed.
Yeah, the main problem I have is that it's armor. There's always this ambiguity over whether Superman accomplished a feat with his own innate power or if the suit gave him a boost, and I hate that. He's not Iron Man.

But as far as the suit "morphing" on to him, that's no where near one of the most far fetched things I've seen in comics, not by a long shot.

Btw, if the sun was red during the battle against Superdoom and the others, how was Superman flying? I feel like I'm forgetting something. And if he had his powers back, why did he need his cape to protect him when Superdoom threw the helicopter at him, and why was lifting Superdoom into space treated like an impossible feat? He wasn't that big.

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