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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Here's something I scribbled together quickly to contribute to the topic. A lot of my points would need to be explained more in depth and the weaker points would need to be refined which I don't have time for at the moment but what the hell....

I believe the mask hindered Bane's character a great deal. I would have had him not need the mask any at all but use it to represent a second persona like batman to cover his true motives or hide his identity. This would allow him more freedom in the city and not limit the extent to which a character like him can exist in this kind of world. The basic question of what would a character like Bane want with Batman and Gotham in a semi realistic world is what I believed the writers couldn't figure out which led to them playing it safe and going back to the twisted cult mindset of the league. For Bane to have worked convincingly in a FINALE he needed to have had a compelling reason to be at odds with Batman and Gotham. I believe he needed to have had a deep twisted hatred for Bruce along the lines of HUSH but because Bruce represents everything he never had a chance to be. He would also have planned to take down Batman after he was finished with Bruce Wayne because he also represents an idea he despises which I will explain later. I would have him not know Batman's identity and during his efforts to psychologically destroy Bruce Wayne's world in the public eye in his own way discover his secret. This would then lead to him despising Batman even more because someone who had it all uses his power to issue vigilante justice. Bane would view Bruce's existence as poisonous and hypocritical to Gotham and a representation of everything wrong in his eyes with the powerful preying on the helpless. With this knowledge I would have him torture Bruce psychologically from the shadows before lowering him out as Batman and beating him badly and holding him captive (Bane passed through the league and received training but excommunicated because of conflicting ideals). He would view death as being too easy a faith for such a hypocrite so he would develop a plan to use Batman's suit to turn his already tarnished image into that of a mass murderer undoing everything Batman stood for by having his goons (fanatics loyal to Bane) commit horrible acts to citizens while wearing the suit. His men are willing to die before they talk if captured because they believe in Bane's cause. With these acts being committed Bane's (without mask) master stroke will be to put a beaten and injured Bruce into the suit and allow GCPD to capture him at the scene of a crime. Bane would then use this as a platform to gain a following in Gotham forwarding a revolutionary agenda of rising against crime and corruption by using Bruce as an example that the rich and powerful can't be trusted. He'll play both sides of the coin and the beauty of Bane's character will be his intellect and astounding ability to deceive a Gotham in shock and turmoil to start a revolution. If you go with his comic origin of him in prison at an early age because of his father this would perfectly establish his views on Bruce, Batman and Gotham on a whole (of course no dent act would be passed and Gotham gets worse with Bruce getting lost inside his monster). All of this will take place in a time span of 2 weeks. With Rachel's death Bruce would lose himself in Batman by faking a self imposed exile as Bruce Wayne but going out as Batman (both in costume and ski mask if the mission is too risky) at night while coming too close to being caught for Alfred's liking. This along with Bruce's psychotic behavior causes Alfred to leave as in the original. Bane would then start his assault on Bruce, discover his identity and proceed to toy with him before lowering him out and capturing him (the fight would be an even more intense psychological and physical beat down of Batman). The same day the GCPD capture the real Batman and reveal his identity, John Blake (a firm believer in the Batman) who also figured out Bruce's secret identity by investigating him closely (Blake secretly placed a tracking device on Bruce before his exile so he knows what is going on), anonymously breaks him out of prison during a lynch mob stirred up by Bane and angry Gothamites with the help of two other cops (batman fanatics) and they retreat to the only safe place where no one would find them...the Batcave. Meanwhile Gordon battles to keep the city under control which is slowly descending into chaos because the city wants Batman's head and they are pissed that it is revealed that cops aided his escape. This is where Bane gets impatient because his entire goal was to see Batman and Bruce undone by his very city and with his escape he can't have that which he desired most. He then rallies the citizens and formulates a plan to force Bruce to comeback to Gotham. His forces and support grow and he misleads many in the city into holding their important leaders hostage in a building threatening to kill them all if Batman doesn't return and face their judgment. From the Batcave Bruce recuperates with the aid of Blake and his friends who sneak out for food and supplies and Bruce also is in communication with Gordon and Fox. This is where Gordon decides to help Bruce and retreats to an unknown location and sends a video to Gotham's TV station telling the truth about Harvey which is the incident that started the tainting of the Batman symbol and states that Bruce is innocent and Bane is the culprit behind the entire scheme. Some Gothamites (including policemen who supported Bane) change their position and start revolting against Bane but by now it is too late and he threatens to blow the building (City Hall) if Batman doesn't show up to face him the next day. Bruce enters the city and Bane greets him in front making a final offer to Gotham. Bane reveals that he and his men will release the hostages and hand themselves in if he loses in a man to man fight with Bruce. Secretly he plans to blow it up anyway because he has already lost and won't go back to prison but the mercenary he entrusted with the trigger has lost all hope in his psychotic leader and has a change of heart. He turned himself in and informed the police of the situation. Batman, Bane and the gathered crowd of citizens and cops don't know this (the police have the area barricaded but are afraid to move in fear of a second trigger). An epic fight ensues between Batman and Bane who is the better fighter. Batman however learned from their first match and goes ape**** on Bane defeating him. The police seeing that no detonation has taken place storm the building and over power Bane's helpers who after seeing their leader defeated decide to commit suicide or surrender. Bane has one more trick up his sleeve and he detonates a hidden grenade killing himself and Batman along with some GCPD officers. Although Bruce dies his dramatic example of a playboy billionaire risking his life to secretly exact justice inspires Gotham and his symbol lives on. I would end the movie with the Legend voice over by Raz from the teaser trailer.

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