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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

The Leaper is just going to be another henchman. He could easily be someone who shows up again in future films to just cause problems. Could be a really fun character that can go several directions in any film.

If Redford is Pierce, I think my original idea that Redford was a former agent who has had fights throughout the years with Winter Soldier could be true. It's not like Redford could fight effectively now, so it makes sense to have Redford v. Winter Soldier in a flashback to help bring the characters into the present and give them some history. Redford's character knows the Winter Soldier's tactics and is just there to inform Cap about this guy, but Redford doesn't know it's Bucky. The only person who gets to figure that out is Cap.

I still think there needs to be another big bad. This big bad has Crossbones as a loyal soldier. He/she hires The Leaper and uses the Winter Soldier (controlled by Zola) to bolster the group. With that many baddies who will each need a fight or two, I'm kinda leaning towards a female big bad, so they don't have to get beat up too...or maybe they get beat up by Sharon because I haven't figured out what she has to do besides be eye candy.

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