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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Lol, I didn't say anything about the idea making Talia interesting. At least with Bane, it was about honoring the woman he protected years ago and being that challenge that Bruce had to go through in the end of the film...Talia was just wanting some revenge and her character was very watered down to the point where she didn't want Bruce to join the LoS and was only some dark mirrored version of Rachel Dawes(and I view Bane to be a dark mirrored version of Bruce, but at least I found Bane to be interesting...him being this protector, him never being able to climb out of the Pit while Bruce did, thus still really being in the Hell that he was born in).
While I do agree that that stuff is symbolically interesting, don't you agree that it would have been more interesting had Bane been a real revolutionary who tears down the system and takes Gotham back from the rich and powerful to give it to the people? The city itself would have probably dissolved into total anarchy (something we only got glimpses of) and the great symbolic twist would have been that it ends up being one of the rich and powerful that saves the city from destroying itself.


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