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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Oh yeah. I remember geeking out over that moment when that "Speed Demons" episode first aired. That theme was a secondary theme she used for the Flash on the live action TV show. It was cool to hear her re-use it for the animated version of the character on a Superman show at that. I'm glad La La Land Records released music for the 90s Flash TV show 3 years ago. If you don't own it pick it up I thinks it's still available.
I wish they released more music from it. Hopefully the S:TAS music will get released soon as well.

I agree. It's hard to pick between the two, imo. Elfman set the tone but Walker expanded on it and perfected it. So it's tough, but they both did Batman justice musically, imo.

I liked Powell's X3 and Hancock scores. I wouldn't mind if he'd scored MOS instead of Zimmer either, but it's too late for that now.
Oh yeah, I damn near lost my **** when I heard that little intro for The Flash on Superman TAS. And Shirley Walker's Flash score, the whole series' soundtrack is fantastic, I agree. I have downloaded a good bit of it, but thank you for the link, hopefully I rub some pennies together and grab that!

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