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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
I think PCF is just trying different things for the multiplayer. If they had followed everything Epic did than none of it would feel good or fresh.
But none of it does feel good or fresh!

343 succeeded in taking over a popular franchise where this game failed. Be innovative sure, but even more importantly respect the traditions of the property you've taken over. If you're only capable of doing that within a campaign (& lets face it designing a single player game doesn't require the same skills as constructing a well balanced multiplayer) then just make a single player game. Look at Tomb Raider & Battlefield 3, games which are great at one mode & crap at the other. The not so good mode(s) drags down the overall image of the game.

Edit: I agree that the shotgun is amazing now but all that hard work in getting it right is thrown away by the idiot who decided to make the melee 10 times as powerful. It's just 2 steps forward in many different areas and then 5 steps back. The stupidity of the melee decision is even worse when you consider that the developers were very open about the problems of Gears 2 multiplayer and discussed it with fans and that was why they changed the 2 hits to down someone with a melee (almost unanimously agreed on as a poorly balanced game mechanic) to 3. Now these idiots (I already used that word but it just fits really well here) upgrade the already acknowledged as a bad decision 2-hit-melee-down to a 2-hit-melee-kill (due to their own changes of no DBNO & single weapon loadouts). Further to what Wolvie says above, I know there might be patches and title up dates to fix these things but I'm getting sick of the game always having big faults at launch & we shouldn't have to rely on them EVERY time. And also there has to be some evidence of a learning process. If they are going to make positive changes and then forget about them and go back to the old idiocy in the next game game after, what's the point?

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