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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper & Gifs/Avvy Thread II - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Yeah, I mean I think it helps a lot if you don't think of the shot as Blake's moment of glory, but a visual that signifies the everlasting nature of Batman in general (both in the story and in our culture). It's not just Blake rising there, but it's the idea that there will be a guy after him and another after that and so on, all because of what Bruce has created. I think in a meta sense it's kind of like Nolan passing the baton to the next director.

Of course, I understand where you're coming from with the nitpick. I was kind of underwhelmed by it the first time I saw it (I think mainly because I just did not want the movie to end), but it's grown on me a lot.

In BB, in his private jet, Bruce does say that he wants his symbol to be " everlasting "

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