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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
I can't believe how terrible the poster with ninjas looks. It's like someone just discovered Photoshop and gave it a bash.

Speaking of Photoshop, why did they do away with Wolverine's nipples in the city poster? Are they too racy or something?

Looking at the screenshots (not definitive I know), the movie looks kinda clean and shiny to me. And a bit at odds with that early artwork of Wolverine crouching on the roof looking all dark and gritty.
The ninjas poster was so amateurish it's painful to look at. The lack of nipples in the city poster must be do with conservative America (the Janet Jackson incident comes to mind!) but I'm not sure why the image is so apocalyptic. In what part of the story does the city fall apart?

And the screenshots remind me of Avengers more than anything. But they do seem a bit too glossy for what's supposed to be a film-noir production!

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